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Clinical Strategies to Improve AutoImmune Thyroid & Celiac Disease

Hypothyroidism or Hashimoto’s disease is considered an autoimmune thyroid disease. Common complaints are fatigue, depression and an inability to loose weight. Your thyroid cells are being destroyed in the process causing an elevation in Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH). What’s happening … Continue reading

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Osteoporosis: Calcium the Right Solution at the Wrong Time

It appears that 80% of the people who suffer from Osteoporosis are doing so because of an inflammatory reaction associated with Calcium. This occurs when the bodies NMDA receptors become activated which causes massive amounts of calcium to be drawn … Continue reading

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Gut Protein Found To Protect Against Infection and Intestinal Breakdown

Gut Protein Found To Protect Against Infection and Intestinal Breakdown Excerpts from an Article Dated: 13 Feb 2006 I want to talk to you about recent research conducted at UT Southwestern Medical Center has found that a protein that bind … Continue reading

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